Mavic SSC bicycle stickers




Mavic SSC bicycle stickers

The Mavic SSC bicycle stickers kit contains ten Mavic adhesives.
We can customize the stickers according to your preferences, contact us.
The stickers are resistant to atmospheric agents and can be painted with acrylic paints.
If you need other products for your bike, find them here Bicyle product TabbooStudio

Easy to apply

Our stickers are very simple to apply.
You can apply them to all smooth surfaces, even slightly curved, on plastic, glass, wall, metal.

Water resistant

These stickers are very resistant.
You can wash them with detergents and a pressure washer.
Resist weather and sun.


Your stickers will be shipped in 24 hours.
We need the right time to take care of your stickers.
The shipment will be made by the Canary Islands through
Tabboo only use tracked shipments.
After sending your products we will inform you of the tracking number.

We are artisans

and can rebuild any stickers or create them with personalized graphics.
We can customize the stickers according to your preferences.
If you have an idea that nobody can achieve, contact us


If you are not satisfied with the product, send it to us and we will refund you 100% including shipping costs


  • Material: Oracal Vinyl
  • Print and Cutting: Roland plotter
  • Overcoatable with acrylic paint
  • Resistant to bad weather and washes


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