We are a small company on the web, we have simple goals but we look far ahead.

We are graphic artists, artisans but above all we are passionate about customization, making each product unique, for us it is not just a job.

Tabboo is a lifestyle, a way of thinking, a feeling.

Digital artisans because through digital we create a handmade product, unique, personalized and exclusive: every single product is designed and created exclusively for the person who wants it and to do this we put our heart, mind and hands!

"Handmade" does not mean "imperfect", but done with the heart.


Our focus is on adhesive vinyl.
It allows us to decorate from the shop window to the jam jar, from the helmet to the sailboat.
It is a simple and very effective product, economical and versatile.
We also print T-shirts, but one and only one, we don't do print runs, all different, all unique.